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Denise Morgenstern (from Deutschland) 18 JAN 2011
Agonoize, mit Abstand das geilste was mir bis jetzt in meine Ohren dröhnte !!!!!! i love it ;*

Ümmü (from Austria) 03 APR 2010
Great website!! Interview and Pictures of Tokio Hotel are so cool!
I know it

Marie (from Germany) wrote: 09 MAR 2009
Great Sarah Connor Photos!

Sandra wrote: 09 MAR 2009
Hammer Geile Pics von Sarah Connor....Beautiful !!

Purcky (from Germany) 23 FEB 2009
Wow, great PCDpics, where did you made them? The Dolls are live sooo amazing, thx for the interview. :-)

love, Purcky

Answer: Thanks a lot, Purcky! - This has been a gig in Luxembourg (Rockhal) dated 15 FEB 09.
- OT Team

Isa wrote: 09 FEB 2009
Very nice picture of Lordi

I post the link of your website on official forum so all the fans can enjoy ;)

Brandon (from USA) wrote: 21 JAN 2009
Hey Dani Reuter, I appreciate you shooting Slipknot. You got some balls getting up and close to the most INSANE band anywhere! I know, I've been there.

Opium (from Des Moines, IA) wrote: 16 JAN 2009
Great photos!
Those Slipknot shots are just outstanding.

Sophie wrote: 01 JAN 2009
The pictures on Tokio Hotel were awesume! :D

Gecko 19 NOV 2008
Salut Oli,

Vill Changement um site. Tiptop. Lount sech emmer rem regelmäseg heihin luussen ze kommen.


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